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If you are looking for unique and beautiful ornaments and artifacts to decorate your living space, then you are at the right place – ‘Skull Savvy.’ We sell high-quality carved skulls of various animals that are carved intricately following the Balinese skull carving techniques.

The Bali skull carving is usually identified with cow skulls. Bali’s native people have exceptional love and affection towards cows for their gentle and tender behavior. They are known for carving intricate designs on authentic cow skulls.

At Skull Savvy, we strive to deliver unique and beautiful designs carved on a real cow skull. However, we also offer hand carved state of the art pieces in Ram skullsGoat skullsBull skullsBuffalo skulls, and other raw skulls as cat skulldog skull, and fox skull.

About our Cow Skulls

Our carved cow skulls are unique, beautiful, and breathtaking pieces of art that will take your home décor to another level. Skull Savvy skulls are created by master artists whose expertise is unbeatable.

We ensure the highest quality product with traditional Balinese hand-carving using customary tools and no machines. Moreover, our making procedure is ethical and cruelty-free. At Skull Savvy, you can get a one-of-a-kind hand-carved authentic cow skull at the fairest price.

Local Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on having authentic local bali craftsmanship depicted in our carved cow skulls. The native Indonesian carvers are matchless in the art of skull carving, which is why we have collaborated with them to bring you genuine Balinese skull carving.

A typical Indonesian artist takes around more than a decade to perfect this art, after which they are capable of completing a piece in two to three days.

By engaging local craftsmanship, we also give back to their community by providing fair and appropriate rewards.

It allows them to earn their livelihood while continuing their art, where we enable the rest of the world to see their incomparable carving capabilities.

Hand Carved Skull Mounts

Our cow skulls carving is hand-chiseled individually to produce distinctive designs and patterns in each piece. We use traditional hand knives and carving tools to avoid monotonous machine-made designs. Either you have a subtle-colored wall or a vibrant one, plain or textured; our hand-carved unique skull mounts will liven up any wall or corner.

Preserved Skull and Horns

Balinese culture does not believe in harming animals or disrespecting them, and that’s also what we follow at Skull Savvy. We don’t injure or hurt any animal in any way to carry out our carving. All the cows whose skulls we use for this art are most likely to have lived a full life and died of natural means or old age. The skulls and horns in our artifacts are all thoroughly cleaned and preserved by ethical means.

Keeping the tradition alive

The indigenous people of Balinese culture always interpreted skulls as a sign of new beginnings, unlike most of the cultures, which connects the skull with death or bad luck. They have always treated the animals with respect and affection, and they do not believe in wasting any part of it. For instance, they used to utilize the animal’s skin to get shelter from it, meat for food, and bones for tools.

They used to treat the skull of the animal as a holy and pure object place at a high spot from where it can be seen and appreciated. As time passed, they started to pay tribute to the animal by using its skull as a canvas to express their art and affection. Where other animals’ skulls were also carved, the cow skull always held an extraordinary place in the Balinese culture.

The Balinese culture has great love towards cows, and they relate it with the mother earth, because of its giving and sacrificing nature. As a result, a cow skull is the signature style of Bali skull carving. Even after years, carved cow skulls are still quite popular and keep the Bali tradition alive and thriving.

Best place to buy hand carved Decorative Skulls

Carving an animal skull is not an easy job; it takes years of practice and dedication to master it. At Skull Savvy, we understand and respect this artwork, which results in extremely remarkable pieces of art.

As our skulls are hand carved and each design chiseled individually, they are exclusive and one-of-a-kind. We strive to bring new levels of creativity and skill to this traditional carving technique. Moreover, our skulls are extremely high-in-quality yet quite affordably priced.

Therefore, Skull Savvy is the best place to come to if you want to invest in a remarkable hand carved decorative deer skull that has been carved by Balinese master artisans.

So if you recently renovated your living space and looking to add a classy yet earthly touch to the interiors you can opt for our Horse skull decoration lamps or simple skulls. The other ways you can add a wild yet tamed feel by opting for elephant skull decoration or rhino skull decoration.

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