Our Origin

The story of Skull Savvy originated and still exists in the streets of the Bali, islands of gods. While exploring the streets of this beautiful city, we came across the ancient and brilliant art of traditional Balinese skull carving. This form of craft filled us with awe and aspiration, and we became determined to share this beautiful skill beyond Bali and with the other parts of the world. By working in close collaboration with the talented Balinese artists, we produce genuine, real, authentic, and rare pieces of art. These animal skulls are engraved with intricate and abstract designs and can be used for various purposes, including decoration, study references, and love toward the animal. Through Skull Savvy, you can get a feel of Bali city and Balinese culture by placing a piece from our collection in your living spaces.

Our Principle

At Skull Savvy, we strive to maintain authenticity while keeping the Balinese traditions alive. We aim to provide premium quality, genuine and real animal skulls hand-carved by expert local artisans. We work in direct collaboration with the local craftsmen to avoid any additional and unnecessary expenses, making this ancient craft more economical and attainable. Even though our authentic carved animal skulls are priced reasonably, we do not neglect our quality standards. At Skull Savvy, we guarantee you real animal skulls having top-quality, affordable prices, and skillful Balinese artistry.

Our Mission

We are strong supporters of the ancient Balinese beliefs and traditions that says not to let anything go to waste. Bali people believe that instead of wasting animal fragments, we should cherish and appreciate all the parts of the animal that has provided for us in its life. From the skin to its bones, Bali’s native people used to utilize each piece of highly appreciated animals. This belief gave birth to the innovative art of Skull Carving, using the animal skulls as a canvas for intricate hand-chiseling to show our appreciation for the animal. We agree with this ancient Bali belief that everything must be valued and not wasted. At Skull Savvy, our mission is to spread this message and remind people that life is a priceless gift and a one-time blessing. We should utilize and appreciate each moment and should not let our lives go to waste.

Supporting the Local Craftsmanship

Skull Savvy works directly with the skillful local Balinese artists. We acknowledge and appreciate that this carving craft is quite challenging, and it takes decades of practice and devotion to master it. We are aware of the diligent work that goes into creating each piece, and therefore, we make sure that the talented local artists are paid accordingly. We make sure that all the artists work in safe circumstances with timely and fair payments to keep performing this creative art while taking care of their families.