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Sheep Skull

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      Sheep Skulls Collection for Sale

      The domestic sheep has been used by humans for around 7000 years for various purposes. They have been a stable source of food, milk, as well as wool.

      There are almost 1000 breeds of domestic sheep, and they all provide for us humans. Moreover, with their long and curved horns and soft coat of wool, they are a beautiful and unique display of nature.

      To honor and pay our gratitude to this generous animal, we have collected a large array of sheep skulls.

      We offer a wide range of sheep skulls with horns that are one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and are guaranteed to be the center of attraction when placed in your house or office.

      About Our Sheep Skulls

      At Skull Savvy, we have an extensive sheep skull collection that can be used for various purposes. We offer excellent quality products featuring genuine and authentic hand-carved sheep skulls for all the devotees of this art form.

      Each of the skull has a unique design carved on it. The ethereal feeling that these skulls exude have a unique charm. Moreover, our prices are quite affordable and reasonable for such a high-quality and intricate work of art.

      Therefore, the Skull Savvy hand carved animal skull is a must-have for every collector.

      You have the option to place them on the walls of your living room, bedroom, and workplace or showcase them at the entrance or hallway, our sheep skull will absolutely renovate and rejuvenate the settings.

      Besides portraying your tribute to the benevolent animal, the sheep skull will fill your space with a certain rustic feel and beauty.


      We use professional cleaning, sanitizing, and preservation techniques to conserve these natural and genuine animal skulls.

      We guarantee that you will face no inconvenience or trouble because of rotting or decaying of these skulls.

      We have cleaned and washed the skulls thoroughly so that there is no foul smell or lingering tissues left on it. These beautiful sheep skulls will continue brightening up your surroundings until harmed externally.


      The sheep are known for their long and rounded horns. These horns are immensely unique in designs and make great decorative items.

      Along with the skull, we make sure to clean and preserve these horns as well, so that they can also be used to enhance the art piece further.

      Due to their large size and structure, these horns are separated. These horns then have hook-ons or screw rings that allow them to be placed back onto the skull. Upon receiving, you can simply put them back on the skull and use it right away.

      Hand Carved

      At Skull Savvy, we believe in maintaining the originality and tradition of this art of animal skull carving. Therefore, we do not use machines or modern equipment to carve these sheep skulls.

      All of our sheep and other animal skulls are hand-carved with traditional tools and techniques.

      Sheep Skulls with Horns

      Sheep farming is one of the most ancient businesses and occupations of the people of various countries around the globe.

      Being one of the earliest domesticated animals, sheep have a very special bond with humans as they also provide for our food as well as clothing.

      We can show our gratitude by placing their skulls and beautiful horns in our living spaces as a remnant to their bountiful lives.

      The sheep skulls available at Skull Savvy are well-preserved and belong to the real animal. They all have premium quality, intricately hand-carved with beautiful designs, and are priced quite reasonably.

      Invest in these amazing art pieces today and use these skulls as majestic wall mounts or artistic showpieces.

      Free Shipping around the globe

      We offer free shipping of our products all around the world. There is no restriction on the size and amount of order placement.

      At least five week days are required to process any order, and 1-4 weeks for delivery, depending on your geographic location. For your ease, we give you a tracking code on the order confirmation.

      With this code, you will be able to track your order at all times. The sheep and other animal skulls we offer are of the best quality and are produced ethically and traditionally.

      The sheep skulls belong to differently-sized sheep and are thus available in different sizes so that you can get one that is appropriate for your wall.

      Do not think anymore and show your affection towards this amazingly beautiful and generous animal by getting your hands on our beautiful sheep skull selection.