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      Natural Fox Skull for Sale

      At Skull Savvy, we offer an extensive and beautiful range of real fox skulls will turn any room into an eye-catching masterpiece of art and décor.

      With a topmost quality, beautiful hand-sculpting, and affordable prices, these fox skulls are a must-have for any art as well as animal lovers.

      About Fox Skulls

      On average, fox skulls have small-sized braincases with a slender and elongated structure. They have fairly long and pointed canine teeth, which give their skulls a tough and stern look.

      The skulls of female fox have wider muzzles and longer canines but are relatively smaller than that of male skulls. At Skull Savvy, we have a wide collection of real fox skulls for sale hand-crafted by native Balinese artists.

      Each piece is individually carved and expertly chiseled by master artists and is exclusively unique and eye-catching. If you are looking for beautiful fox art pieces to liven up your space, then this is the place for you!

      Skulls for Carving

      Even though fox skulls are small in size, yet they are unique and beautiful due to their large eye sockets, elongated snout, and sharp canines. When exhibited, these skulls can convert the ambience and look of any room into a bold, exotic, and classy one.

      We obtain these fox skulls following all ethical and legal guidelines and do not harm any animal in the process. At Skull Savvy, the skulls of fox and all other animals are used as a canvas for intricate and abstract carving by expert Balinese artists.

      Red Fox Skulls

      The red fox is the most prevalent species of true fox and one of the most widespread carnivores in the northern hemisphere. They naturally exist in North America, Europe, and many parts of Asia, and has been introduced to Australia and Africa.

      The red foxes are essentially an omnivorous creature, and their diet mostly consists of rodent, birds, and ungulates. They are also capable of living exclusively on fruits during the months of fall.

      These red foxes are remarkably flexible and athletic and can locate their prey just through sound and can catch them by jumping up to 5 feet.

      We offer a large selection of red fox skulls that are professionally cleaned, sterilized, and ready to be showcased as a wall mount or kept for decoration. The average size of our real fox skulls ranges from 5.0 inches – 6.3 inches.

      Skull with Teeth

      The thing that stands out in a fox skull is their teeth. Fox skulls are identified with their narrow, sharp and long canines. These canines are piercing and pointed for catching and killing prey.

      At Skull Savvy, we clean and carve fox skulls but make sure to preserve their teeth as that is the most essential and unique feature of a fox skull.

      Our real fox skulls come with their teeth intact and still attached so that anybody who sees them identifies these skulls with the fox’s signature teeth.

      What is so special about Fox?

      Foxes are small-to-medium-sized mammals that are omnivorous and are found on every continent except Antarctica.

      Even though they are wild animals, they are known to be friendly and curious. Their bonding with humans go way back and are also sold and purchased as pets.

      With foxes self-domesticating themselves, a new species of foxes, urban foxes are coming into existence, making the humans more familiarized with this mysterious creature.

      Urban Foxes

      Urban foxes are quite similar to domesticated dogs in their behaviour and instincts. They are large and are not afraid of humans.

      They enjoy an abundant food supply from human waste without being threatened by the predators that they usually encounter in the wild.

      They carry a keen aptitude at learning new survival instincts that are compulsory in an urban environment. The skulls of urban foxes are becoming smaller in size with broad snouts so that they can easily look for food in urban settings.

      We offer these unique skulls at Skull Savvy in high quality, beautiful designs and affordable prices.

      Please go through our website and get your hands on this beautiful piece of nature to make your house, offices, or fence strikingly beautiful.

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      Our customers and their contentment is our highest priority. We strive hard to deliver 100% authentic and real skulls with the highest quality and intricate hand-carvings.

      We never neglect the quality standards of our products. Furthermore, we offer these genuine and beautifully carved animal skulls at the best prices.

      With 100% online business model, our costs are much less than traditional companies. Our payment methods are completely secure and reliable.

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