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      Bull Skull with Horns for Sale

      Bull skulls are a significant remnant of one of the most majestic animals on earth. At Skull Savvy, we have a large collection of bull skulls for sale.

      You can get your hands on an amazing piece of art. By owning this carved bull skull that exhibits a striking engraved design, handcrafted in Bali, the “Islands of the Gods.

      The beauty of each bull skull is courtesy those graceful grand horns. We believe in beautifying and hence, these horns, are preserved and crafted along with the skull. So when you purchase a bull skull, you get the horns too. They are initially detached so as to prevent any possible damage.

      Explore our collection and find a perfect bull skull for your home or office at a realistic price that is fair to the maker and the buyer.

      About Bull Skulls

      There are many different beliefs about the bull skull or steer skull. A few Native American clans believed that the bull skull is a representation of everlasting shelter against all the natural dangers.

      The bull skull also embodies bravery, strength, and agility. With intricate designing, we capture the real zest of the bull spirit and ensure that skull exudes the extraordinary charm that it ought to.

      We believe in authenticity and maintaining traditions, which is why we offer authentic, hand-chiseled bull skulls.

      Our bull head wall mounts have been delicately crafted and carved and prove to be an excellent display of traditional Balinese skill and intricate artwork.

      If you want an innovative piece of art having a traditional craft with a contemporary look, Skull Savvy is the place for you.

      We guarantee to deliver you with an exclusive and perfect quality bull skull & cow skull at the most affordable prices.

      Hand Carved

      It is said that a true artisan takes decades to master the art of hand crafting a skull. So if you are tired of the monotonous and repetitive machine-sculpted designs you can come to us at Skull Savvy. We will provide you with hand carved bull skulls that are sculpted individually using traditional hand tools. The tools like chisels, files and ring and dot tool, help ensure the delicacy of the skull and perfect the patterns.

      This intricate handwork results in each piece being a unique piece of art with no two pieces having an exact same design.


      The longhorn is one of the most ancient living domestic cattle. Our longhorn bull skulls will look wonderful in your home, office, patio, or on the fence.

      Many people also hang it up over their fireplace to create a real western and intimidating scene.

      Hand Painted

      We have a huge variety of hand-painted bull skulls for sale. We are aware that each customer has different requirements, and at Skull Savvy, we cater to all of your needs.

      With extreme finesse and precise strokes, these decorated skulls will undoubtedly become the center of attraction of your house or office.

      Either you have a vibrant wall or a plain one; these hand-painted bull skulls will give your wall a new life with their sophisticated look.

      Bull Skull Artwork for Décor

      Our real bull skulls make unique and beautiful wall décor or yard ornaments. These bull skeleton heads are a staple of any lodge or Southwestern décor theme and are perfect for indoor or outdoor display.

      Carving an animal skull is quite challenging; it takes years of training and devotion to gain expertise in this skill.

      As we appreciate and respect this craft, our decorative bull skulls are beautifully sculptured and immensely unique. Complete hand carving and individual chiseling results in exclusive and one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

      We go all-out to bring new levels of creativity and skill to this traditional carving technique. Furthermore, our skulls are exceptionally high-in-quality yet quite affordably priced.

      Our bull skull decor and their horns will give your room a breathtaking and eye-catching outlook. Please select from our naturally rustic or polished horns according to your taste and space.

      These bull skulls with horns are ready to use with wire hooks included for wall hanging.

      Art of preservation

      For many decades now, Balinese people and other native tribes of different regions have been paying their respect to animals by utilizing each part of their physical existence.

      From their skin to their bones, each fragment is used for different purposes after their death. The skulls were used as a holy piece that was showcased and cherished by them with love and admiration.

      The skull was thoroughly cleaned and preserved so that it remains unspoiled for a longer period. The skulls were also used as an art canvas in later years.

      They carved intricate designs on these skulls to beautify it even further.
      To honor their art and civilization, the exceptional style of skull carving is still preserved.

      At Skull Savvy, we ensure that this art form remains unblemished and genuine by teaming up with local and traditional artisans.

      Our bull skull wall decor exhibits the old-style skillfulness of tribes by reviving the skull for a different purpose.

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