Buffalo Skulls

Buffalo Skulls


      Buffalo Skulls for Sale

      The skill of animal skull carving dates back to our earliest ancestors, who used animal skulls as a holy entity to depict blessings and new beginnings.

      The Buffalo holds a sacred and significant place in several ancient cultures, including native North American tribes.

      According to some beliefs, a buffalo symbolizes strength, stability, and prosperity. At Skull Savvy, we have an extensive collection of buffalo skulls for sale hand-crafted by native Balinese artists.

      Each buffalo carving is expertly chiseled by master artists and is exclusively unique and eye-catching. If you are looking for intricate buffalo art pieces to liven up your space, then this is the place for you!

      Hand Carved Buffalo Skull Art

      Either mounted on the walls of your living room, bedroom, workplace, or showcased at the entrance or hallway, our carved buffalo skull art will add a unique charm to the surroundings.

      Besides portraying your tribute to the animal spirit of this giving animal, the buffalo skull will fill your space with a certain rustic feel and ambiance.

      What we offer is nothing ordinary. In fact each of our handcrafted piece has a feel to it, that will help you connect to the mother nature and at the same time allow you to appreciate the glory. We offer excellent quality products featuring genuine and authentic hand-carved buffalo skulls. We have a large and beautiful variety of skulls that cater to all your different needs and likings.

      Moreover, our prices are quite affordable and reasonable for such a high-quality and intricate work of art. Therefore, the Skull Savvy hand carved animal skull is a must have for you.

      Skull Lamp

      Besides carved skull wall mounts, we also offer skull lamps at Skull Savvy. You can use these mystic and curated lamps to illuminate your surroundings.

      These lamps are one-of-a-kind, created with excellent craftsmanship and expertise. This remarkable piece of art will give your room a magical and soothing effect by its soft and soothing lighting.

      These skull lamps will totally transform the ambiance and fill it with warmth and pleasure.

      These hand carved skull lamps at Skull Savvy will modify your living atmosphere with an immensely beautiful, warm, and radiant light illuminating through its pattern.

      We have also integrated a dimmer switch into these lamps so that you can adjust the lighting according to your needs.

      Hand Painted

      Some artisans and art lovers prefer the natural color of the animal skulls they buy, whereas others like it to be painted or decorated.

      Skull Savvy provides for everybody! We have an immense collection of naturally colored buffalo skulls, as well as skulls that are hand-painted.

      Like our carving, the painting is also carried out with hands and traditional tools by genuine and expert artists.

      With precise strokes and high-quality materials, these hand-painted skulls will surely be a treasured item as it will be the center-of-attention amongst all your other décor.

      Our expert artists hand paint these delicate works of art with greatly defined and steady strokes, giving the lifeless skull a new life.

      If you have a plain wall or it’s whitewashed, then this hand-painted skull will give it a renewed radiance and color.

      Preserving Art

      Since ages, Native Americans and many other indigenous tribes have been paying tribute to the animals, such as buffaloes and cows, by utilizing every part.

      Every fragment of animals that played a role in providing for humans was used by them for another purpose, even bones. The skulls were used as an art canvas to show their love and respect.

      The skull was cleaned, preserved,  and showcased in such a way that everyone could appreciate it.

      To honor their art and customs, the unique manner of skull carving is preserved till date.

      We, at Skull Savvy, ensure that this art form remains unspoiled and authentic by collaborating with local and traditional artisans.

      Our skulls display the traditional artistry of tribes by vitalizing the skull for a different purpose.

      Decorated Wall Mount Skulls

      We offer a large variety of decorated wall mount skulls of buffaloes and various other animals.

      Ranging from plain to colorful walls, rustic or textured walls, our beautifully carved and embellished wall mount skulls will certainly give your walls a new look.

      Buffaloes are known for their long, curved, and intimidating horns, and it will be unfair to remove those from the skull.

      Hence, our wall mount buffalo skulls come with their real beautiful horns that are shipped separately to avoid any damage.

      Moreover, it comes with a proper base and space for easy mounting on the wall.

      Free Shipping around the Globe

      Wherever you live, we can deliver your purchase straight to your doorstep. We offer free shipping all around the globe.

      Plus, we love and respect art and are aware of the fragility and delicacy of these carved skulls. So, we ensure to pack and wrap it well and with care so that it reaches you in perfect shape and condition.

      In case of any further guidance, queries, or problems, our team of representatives is always available and happy to help you to their full extent.