Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull
Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull
Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull
Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull

Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull

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This Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull is a stunning work of art that blends natural elements with artistic expression. Its light brown tones create an organic feel, and the use of mosaic tiles adds a textural surface that adds visual interest. This unique piece represents the beauty of the natural world and the importance of incorporating it into our living spaces. It's a perfect addition to any room in need of a touch of warmth and organic texture. The Earth Tone Mosaic Cow Skull is a unique and meaningful piece of art that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the world around us.


Height (without horns): 20" / 51 cm
Height (including horns): 31.5" / 80 cm
Width (without horns): 8" / 20 cm
Depth: 5.5" / 14 cm


All measurements are subject to approximation. There might be slight variations from the picture in the product.

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Quality Feature: Indigenous carvings with original skull.
Reasonable Pricing: Priced at the most reasonable rates.
At par ethical standards: We only use skulls from animals that have suffered natural deaths. No unethical acquiring of skull occurs.
Great Customer Service: Team well versed in skull crafting and dealing with customers.
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Intricate exquisite masterpiece for your lounge!

Reviving the tradition of Bali, our skulls are designed with the perfect detailing that surpass the classiness embodied in a piece of art. So grab these beautiful Skull and add the touch of power and mystery to your home. Disclaimer: No animal was harmed in the process.

Providing Classical yet Contemporary touch to your home

Intriguing enough? The artisanship that goes into these fine detailing is commendable and so is your taste of interior decoration! This dazzling ingenious piece of craftsmanship is the perfect art piece that can be hanged on your entrance wall to add the oomph!